Don't take our word for it...

Richard - Architect

"When I met Simon, I explained that I'd spent 10 years looking for an independent but sophisticated firm that could put in place an overall strategy for my retirement. Nearing the end of a pretty successful career and contemplating handing my firm over to the 'up-andcomers', I needed someone I could trust to advise me and my family over a critical transitional period and beyond"

Giles - Investment Banker

"I have a portfolio with a private bank, but I don't feel they 'get' me. Working with Mulberry Bow was different. They involved my wife and looked across all aspects of our situation rather than 'pitching investments'. Having two young children certainly focuses the mind and I'm pleased we are now getting impartial advice on how to structure our affairs."

Gill - Business Owner

"Running a business means I don't have a lot of time to focus on my plan for investing tax-efficiently and getting into a position where I only work if I want to. Mulberry Bow is linked to my accountants Wilson Wright, who I have a strong and trusting relationship with. That 'joined-up' approach is very important to me and gives me confidence that I am being well looked after."

Anon - Retiree

"Mulberry Bow were recommended to me by JP Morgan, as I needed some advice on estate planning and generating my income in a sustainable fashion. I involved my son in all the discussions and we were both impressed with the patient approach and complete focus on getting the right solution in place for me, with no 'products' or preconceived ideas. Knowing that I will be one of only 50 clients per adviser is hugely comforting. At the end of the day, I want peace of mind about my money."

Adam - Accountant

"Although I'm a partner in an accountancy firm, my area of expertise is corporates and when Dad needed someone he could trust to take a look at things, I recommended Mulberry Bow. The approach is very different to anything I've seen elsewhere, much more thorough and with genuine care for what's important to the client. The plan was carefully tailored to Dad's needs and we both feel greatly reassured that the plan delivers his income tax-efficiently, with the money working for him but without big fluctuations."

Richard - Entrepreneur

"When I sold my business, I focused on getting relationships in place with three discretionary investment managers, so that the majority of the proceeds were working for me and my family. What I subsequently realised I didn't have was someone sat on my side of the table, tying everything together into an overall plan. Mulberry Bow now do that for me, guiding a sensible Estate Plan and monitoring the investment managers to make sure risk, costs and performance are what they should be."