Don't take our word for it...


Stephen & Vicki - Retired

"While working, we had a financial adviser for pensions and investments. The advice was perfectly sound and, in accordance with our risk profile, cautious. Once we stopped working, we thought we’d benefit from more bespoke advice tailored to our need for a secure and tax-efficient income, with someone fully managing our affairs.

By coincidence, around this time our accountant introduced us to Mulberry Bow. In  the first meeting, a detailed note was taken of our assets and we felt our needs were  genuinely listened to. In the second, a plan was laid out to keep us in the manner to  which we had become accustomed!

Everything was set out in simple language. We were steered away from our initial  investment ideas, but with the reasons clearly set out; they made perfect sense. We  like that each adviser is Chartered and is taking on a limited number of clients; and  we are very impressed with the speed and clarity of the advice and responses to any  questions. The team deals very efficiently with administration, with simple step-by  step guidance.

We are confident our finances are in good hands and that we can safely leave the  details to Mulberry Bow, knowing that we can always get hold of the team at short  notice and that we have regular review meetings to update us on our investments and  discuss continuing strategy."

Mark - Entrepreneur

"Once my partners and I knew the sale of our business was a reality, I began looking at my options in terms of financial planning. After a bit of research, I met planners from three institutions; a well known ‘blue-blooded’ private bank, a national IFA ‘partnership’ and finally a boutique firm (Mulberry Bow) who had been recommended to me.

I think of myself as ‘medium sophistication’ when it comes to financial services so flexibility was important to me. I also wanted personalised service at a level of total cost that was not necessarily cheap, but that was fair for the advice and service delivered.

The IFA fell away in my thinking fairly early on, it simply felt too....I guess packaged is the word I would use. There also seemed to be hidden costs. The private bank planner ran them close, but I chose Mulberry Bow.

Reflecting on why I made that choice, service and flexibility was part of it, but the ‘tie- breaker’ was the opportunity to build a trusted relationship over ten years or more, with a team that was independent.

To date, the experience of being a client has been very much as hoped, and I’ve referred several friends and colleagues to Mulberry Bow as a result."