Research shows that half of wealthy individuals do not feel positive about their personal finances.

Mulberry Bow is a chartered financial planning boutique, based in the City of London. We are independent of all financial institutions, meet our clients through personal recommendation and charge an ‘all in’ fee. In short, we sit on your side of the table.

It’s all about trust

You build trust by understanding what’s important to me and demonstrating you understand.
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Second Lives

Second Lives is a free-to-access series of 12 podcasts produced in collaboration with Jonathan Hollow and Robin Powell, authors of “How to Fund the Life You Want”. The series explores big subjects, such as money and finding purpose in your vocation, with a particular focus on people who have experienced a significant transition in their lives or careers.

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Financial advisers who know what they are doing and are motivated by the client’s best interests, rather than a sales target, are sadly rare in our industry, but they are worth seeking out. After all, managing your own personal finances can be a dry affair and an unwanted distraction from enjoying life, but getting it right is critical to your peace of mind.