Don’t take our word for it…


“Thanks so much for the card and the very kind and thoughtful gift that came today. You have been great so far – the perfect mix between chivvying me to do this, but not nagging me all the time and everything is so clear and well presented.

I am sorry I am dreadful to pin down and I promise I will do better in 2022 (well I will try).

It is nice to feel like there is structure and forward planning around my affairs now.

I have sort of accidentally got to a different place than I ever thought I would, so thank goodness you guys are now looking after me! Have a lovely break all.”


“Once my partners and I knew the sale of our business was a reality, I began looking at options in terms of financial planning. After a bit of research, I met planners from three institutions; a well-known ‘blue-blooded’ private bank, a national IFA ‘partnership’ and a boutique firm who had been recommended to me (Mulberry Bow).

I think of myself as ‘medium sophistication’ when it comes to financial services so flexibility was important to me. I also wanted personalised service at a level of total cost that was not necessarily cheap, but that was fair for the advice and service delivered.

Reflecting on why I made that choice (Mulberry Bow), service and flexibility was part of it, but the ‘tie-breaker’ was the opportunity to build a trusted relationship over ten years or more, with a team that was independent.

To date, the experience of being a client has been very much as hoped, and I’ve referred several friends and colleagues to Mulberry Bow as a result.”