We do a lot of work with clients for whom supporting good causes is an important part of their long-term planning. This can relate to the tax-efficiency of different ways of giving, using philanthropy as an educational tool for younger generations or as part of their Estate Plan.

We also support causes we believe in and have provided two examples below.

DBF continue the legacy of a truly great British hero and do some wonderful work changing attitudes to disabilities, as Sir Douglas himself put it 'To my way of thinking, a disabled man who has achieved independence is no longer disabled'. The charity is led by family members and the great work they do is inspired by the positive attitude to life of the extraordinary double amputee WW2 flight ace.

Northern Ballet take the arts into schools in disadvantaged communities, leaving children inspired by the experience. They also give opportunities to dancers, choreographers and artistic directors who might otherwise be unable to pursue the career they love. Importantly, they bring important and difficult subjects to new audiences with their innovative performances (most recently 1984 and the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.)