We do a lot of work with clients for whom supporting good causes is an important part of their long-term planning. This can relate to the tax-efficiency of different ways of giving, using philanthropy as an educational tool for younger generations or as part of their Estate Plan.

We also support causes we believe in and have provided two examples below.

Sponsor Stars, our charity of the year for 2021, is a small UK charity that gives underprivileged kids practical support and opportunities in education. A member of our team is a trustee, so we care passionately about their work. The UK is a wealthy country, by global standards, yet many children still go hungry, are cold in winter or miss out on the benefits of education simply due to lack of resources.

Run by Karen (30+ years Vice Squad, Met Police) Bakhita House rescues trafficked women and uses an empowerment model to help them take back control of their lives. Bakhita takes its name from Saint Josephine Bakhita. Born in Sudan 1869 and trafficked as a child and then sold to an Italian diplomat, she managed to get free and committed her life to helping others until her death in 1947.

DBF continue the legacy of a truly great British hero and do some wonderful work changing attitudes to disabilities, as Sir Douglas himself put it 'To my way of thinking, a disabled man who has achieved independence is no longer disabled'. The charity is led by family members and the great work they do is inspired by the positive attitude to life of the extraordinary double amputee WW2 flight ace.